Background:  Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation is birthed from a forever dream of the Founder, Brenda Sturgeleski.  At fifteen Sturgeleski began a lifelong struggle with her health.  The travesties of illness have placed her in and out of hospitals for the majority of her life.  The emotional ramifications of an outcast life was devastating throughout her school age years.  Brenda found the one thing that gave her a 'sparkle' of hope was using her creative outlet to therapeutically process her situation. She used arts/crafts and activities for personal expression. As she matured, Sturgeleski developed a passion for teaching the benefits of age-appropriate/child-friendly care for a patients' emotional development and therapeutic activities for a patients' coping tools.  She created the commitment to spreading a 'sparkle' to every life that she was privileged to help. 

It is unfortunate that many hospitals, urgent cares and emergency rooms do not have the knowledge or resources to implement child-friendly care. Recognizing this need is where Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation was born! 






Brenda Sturgeleski, Founder, Executive Director:  Brenda Sturgeleski has an undergraduate in Fine Arts, Teacher’s Education, Leisure of Sciences Bachelorette and is dully certified in Child Life and Recreational Therapy.  Sturgeleski is passionate about meeting the needs of patients and families in the hospital.  She has worked, volunteered in pediatric hospitals and in the community setting.  Her full education and experiential background has provided her with opportunities to communicate with the staff and the public about the great need for supportive care. Brenda uses her faith as a guiding principle in her life.  She is currently her mother's full-time caregiver in Parker, Colorado and is a proud Doggie Mamma to her pup Gracie!





Anne Darrow, Secretary: has been a pediatric nurse for over 30 years; focusing her primary efforts in the Carolina's and Georgia.  She is passionate about serving all diagnostic populations.  Her kind, approachable demeanor engages patients and their families. She currently lives in Murphy, NC. with her husband, Tom, the CEO of the successful Talent Connections recruiting and business consult services. 


Char Barnes, Treasurer:  is now retired from her successful career at Nordstrom.  As a Top Seller in the company; Char dedicated her time to fully serving all customers.  She spends her time now volunteering at a Denver homeless shelter, contributing to church fellowship and helping with her three grandchildren.  She lives with her husband Paul, a retired Life Planner, now a successful Fitness Coach in Lone Tree, Colorado. 

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