Child-Friendly Therapy Toys:

Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation works with primary sponsorship's, individual/corporate donors, gifts in kind and grants to collect materials appropriate for children: toys, crayons, arts and crafts, stickers and prizes. These items serve as tools for a child’s activities and rewards. CFHF works with Child Life Programs and medical units/clinics that do not yet have appropriate pediatric/child-friendly supplies.  By integrating these familiar pieces into the new, and most-times scary, environment he/she is provided a sense of comfort.  A child at ease begins to identify medical assistance as a helping motion and generates a positive step towards ‘happy healing!’



Child-Friendly Education for Professionals: 

Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation is passionate about a team of health care professionals being on the same page when working with a child.  A nurse, doctor, radiologist or phlebotomist should learn how to support the child therapeutically as well as medically to secure his/her healing.  Important aspects such as: using words a child can understand, placing the child in a comforting environment/position during procedures and rewarding the child, are critical elements to the patient/child’s wellness. 

We offer a short but memorable training given by a Certified Child Life/Rec Therapist/Educator. The session can be done virtually 

and/or modified to work in

cooperation with the current allied health

or Child Life/Recreational Therapy staff of the facility.

We then act as an on-hand consultant generating a progressive discussion/relationship with the organization. CFHF uses our educational background and resources to provide the current staff with the extra help they need to deliver medical care in a way that promotes a positive relationship between the healthcare provider and the patient.  

Child-Friendly Distance Intervention 

and Counseling: 

Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation is connected to the community and commitment to helping during the COVID-19 pandemic.​

One of the most impactful pieces of COVID-19 is the grieving isolation. As compassionate caregivers we are pained when we see children watch their loved ones or parents become seriously ill and or die alone.

The long-term emotional effects of these situations needs to be addressed.

As a nonprofit skilled and certified in therapy and education, we know that with evidence-based play interventions a child can learn skills that can help him/her be able to better express their feelings.

So to accommodate for social distancing and assist children and families affected by the virus, we are providing distance intervention and counseling for children and families impacted by the isolation and grief from COVID-19.

Using a HIPPA compliant platform, CFHF takes referrals from the health-care provider.

We volunteer through a state-wide/US approved Volunteer Health Practitioner Venue to provide audio and/or visual individual and/or family counseling.


As the front-line workers tackle the essential medical needs of patients. It is our privilege to work cooperatively to contribute to the therapeutic support of the those families in need.

Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation makes it easy to change a life forever by 'supporting a child's happy healing!'


T: 720-770-1899

E: info@childfriendlyhospitalfoundation.org


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