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Child-Friendly Therapy Toys:

Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation works with primary sponsorship's, individual/corporate donors, gifts in kind and grants to collect materials appropriate for children: toys, crayons, arts and crafts, stickers and prizes. These items serve as tools for a child’s activities and rewards. CFHF works with Child Life Programs and medical units/clinics that do not yet have appropriate pediatric/child-friendly supplies.  By integrating these familiar pieces into the new, and most-times scary, environment he/she is provided a sense of comfort.  A child at ease begins to identify medical assistance as a helping motion and generates a positive step towards ‘happy healing!’



Child-Friendly Education for Professionals: 

Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation is passionate about a team of health care professionals being on the same page when working with a child.  A nurse, doctor, radiologist or phlebotomist should learn how to support the child therapeutically as well as medically to secure his/her healing.  Important aspects such as: using words a child can understand, placing the child in a comforting environment/position during procedures and rewarding the child, are critical elements to the patient/child’s wellness. The Founder of CFHF is a Child Life, Recreational Specialist and Certified Teacher.  She a simple training for the healthcare staff.  Funding provides the resources for Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation to create and implement educational programs for these significant professionals.