Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation supplies therapy toys/activities, tools for drug-free pain treatment and virtual patient and staff education/coaching to support a successful medical experience.

Child-Friendly Therapy Toys:

Play is the language of a child.  In most children, the world of medicine is new and scary. By bringing in familiar toys/tools we create a less fearful environment comforting both the child and the caregiver(s).

Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation has worked with hospitals, clinics and pediatric hospice centers in places such as; Colorado, Nevada and New York. With the funds from our donors, we have been able to bring and/or send stickers, teddy bears and diversional therapeutic activities that provide a positive

'happy healing' memory


Child-Friendly Pain Control:

One of our most unique and supportive tools we are able to offer is the Buzzy®.

Buzzy® has been used to block pain from over 31 million needle procedures. Just like cool running water soothes a burn, Buzzy uses a patented combination of cold and vibration to replace pain with temperature and movement.

This outstanding system has decreased the pain of injections for patients of a wide-range of ages over the United States and Internationally.

Because CFHF is passionate about supporting a 'happy healing' for children and families, we felt Buzzy® was a perfect partnership.


Training for Professionals:

Once a hospital, clinic/organization receives the donation, it is important that the professionals are trained with how best to support a child and family. The Founder of Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation is an educator and licensed in Child Life/Recreational Therapy. With this background, we are able to provide 'happy healing' support and training for radiologists, phlebotomists and other healthcare professionals.

We focus on ways with how to position, speak, reward the child in a positive way, as well as how to

effectively use a Buzzy®.

We have presented our unique training in Colorado and are now set-up to train virtually.



Distance Counseling

and Coaching

CFHF believes everyone should have access to child-friendly care. With the COVID-19 and the growing need to deliver home health support. CFHF has created a

legal/confidential program to reach

children and families.

We coordinate with a child’s healthcare team and Buzzy® representatives to identify children and

families in need.

We can provide 'happy healing' assistance to a wide range of patients and families, such as; those affected by COVID-19,

as well as those in need of Buzzy® training for

in-home allergy shots.