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As a nonprofit promoting the application of child-friendly care, one of the primary requests when we first started sending care packages and offering trainings was: “do you have any Buzzy®'s?”  This unique question was not unfamiliar to us at Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation.


Buzzy® is a trademark device that is well-renown the healthcare world.


This non-pharmacological pain control device, operates on the principals of the Gate Control  theory of pain. Using a specific low frequency vibration, (his "buzz"), and cold, (via his frozen wings), Buzzy® engages the nerve fibers in a way that can help "interrupt" a pain signal in route to the brain.


This outstanding system, invented by Dr. Amy Baxter, MD, has decreased the pain of over 35 million injections for patients across a wide-range of ages all over the world.

There are now more than 50 independent clinical studies that prove Buzzy®'s effectiveness.


Because CFHF is passionate about supporting a “happy healing” for children and families, we felt Buzzy® was a perfect partnership. 

We are privileged to be the first public charity to collaborate with Pain Care Labs, the creators of Buzzy®. This union makes it easier for us to offer this device to the hospitals, clinics, and families in need.


Along with providing the device to organizations, we are able to meet a growing need within our community.  With the COVID-19 outbreak, CFHF began offering virtual intervention and counseling.  Through this avenue, we are able to provide training for child-friendly care with the use of Buzzy®. This applies to pediatric phlebotomists, RN’s, and the many children and families who are now advised to implement their clinical shots at home. 

The roads we will travel with Buzzy® are just beginning to pollinate. For now here’s how you can get involved: