Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation, or CFHF, is a public charity that raises funds for hospitalized children. 

Our mission is to 'Support A Child's Happy Healing!'


Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation collects resources and offers training and therapeutic support to pediatric hospitals, clinics and hospice centers in need of greater child-friendly care. 

From stickers and teddy bears to distance intervention counseling, CFHF steps in when it is most needed.  We know that a small change to create a therapeutic environment for a child and his/her family, can create the difference of a lifetime of his/her attitude toward health!

We work entirely off of donations. And do not charge the organizations or families for our services. 

Please join us in making small changes with a BIG IMPACT!!



Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation makes it easy to change a life forever by 'supporting a child's happy healing!'


T: 720-770-1899

E: info@childfriendlyhospitalfoundation.org


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