Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation, or CFHF, is a public charity that raises funds for hospitalized children. 

Our mission is to 'Support A Child's Happy Healing!'

  Stickers, teddy bears and staff education, may seem a bit trivial. 

But Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation considers these simple, supportive tools not only critical to improving a child’s health care experience, but essential in promoting an atmosphere that honors the vulnerable spirit of a child.   

Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation coordinates with pediatric hospitals, clinics and hospice facilities needing more supportive care for pediatric patients and their staff. 

We then implement these two primary personalized programs:

CHILD-FRIENDLY THERAPY TOYS: dolls, teddy bears, crayons, arts and crafts, stickers and prizes. These items serve as tools for a child’s activities and rewards. By integrating these familiar pieces into the new, and most-times scary, environment he/she is provided a sense of comfort. 

CHILD-FRIENDLY EDUCATION FOR PROFESSIONALS:  We have developed an efficient and memorable training program for professionals and caregivers. Delivered by an Educator and Child Life/Recreational Therapist, the program is founded on the developmental principles of children and covers the basics of communication, positioning and rewards. The training allows the use of the donated items to create an experience that provides the children with not only a toy but therapeutic teaching experience. 

Proper CHILD-FRIENDLY care can improve how a child feels about his/her health for a lifetime!  


Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation makes it easy to change a life forever by 'supporting a child's happy healing!'


T: 720-770-1899

E: info@childfriendlyhospitalfoundation.org


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